Welcome to your An Independent Maven journey!

Being An Independent Maven is all about going your own way, living life on your terms. 

Whether it's struggling to find your way at work, drawing a blank on your dreams or simply stuck in your own way, you're in the right place.

Most of what I talk about is centred on career and productivity, specifically working with your unique energy cycle to get much more done with less stress and frustration. 

As a welcome gift, I'm sending you Define Your Dream Job, my three part training on uncovering what you want in your career. Wherever you're at with your current job, this training will bring you clarity to get even more of what you want.

I usually email on Fridays but sometimes I get excited (especially when I have a new course about to start #sorrynotsorry) and send you something extra. I promise that each and every email will always contain some nugget, some food for thought that you can use.

Plus, you can always hit reply on any email to contact me!

Looking forward to connecting in your inbox.

Much love,

Sara xx
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